For people living with HIV (PLHIV) there are several ways to protect your partners. Condoms will always provide a mainstay within these strategies. There is another effective option to prevent the transmission of HIV.

Treatment as Prevention (TasP)

For a majority of PLHIV on HIV medication viral supression is attainable and they are therefore no longer infectious or able to pass on HIV.

This is what is known as Treatment as Prevention (TasP). It is an effective HIV prevention strategy used by the majority of PLHIV to prevent disease progression and the transmission of HIV and offer protection to those we care about and love.

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For PLHIV who cannot achieve viral supression some of the reasons include genetics, treatment resistance factors, immuno-compromised systems, or various multi-morbidity health conditions. There are also times during a HIV positive person’s life where they cannot maintain viral suppression.

While TasP is a significant strategy for the majority of PLHIV who can maintain viral supression, it is only one of many informed HIV prevention strategies used by PLHIV such as condom use, serosorting, strategic positioning, viral load monitoring, and negotiated safety options.


Positive Life Treatment Officers

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